Gallery 2

  • Roof


    Ridge Shingle and Granules Missing

  • Plumbing Vent

    Plumbing Vent

    Plumbing Vent Boot Has Failed

  • Chimney Flashing

    Chimney Flashing

    The Chimney Flashing has failed allowing for potential moisture penetration.

  • HVAC Duct

    HVAC Duct

    Rusted HVAC Duct discovered in a crawl space.

  • Attic Leak

    Attic Leak

    Water observed in the attic due to leaking around the chimney chase.

  • Foundation and Girder Failure

    Foundation and Girder Failure

    Structure failure viewed from the Crawl Space.

  • Leaking Roof

    Leaking Roof

    Wet and Delaminated Sheathing From A Leaking Roof - Viewed From the Attic.

  • Wood Decay

    Wood Decay

    Support Beams From A Deck