Sample Inspection


Sample Inspection Report   (click to download)

This downloadable Sample Report is compiled from several different inspections to give you an idea of the report you will receive. The Summary page will be a compiled list of issues noted with an explanation of the issue at hand. You are always encouraged to read and understand the entire report as the report  may contain additional information that is valuable to you.

Each Area of the Inspection will be listed with details as well as marked as:

1. Satisfactory: Indicates the component is functionally consistent with its original purpose but may show signs of normal wear and tear and deterioration.

2.Marginal:Indicates the component will probably require repair or replacement anytime within the next 5 years.

3. Poor: Indicates the component will require repair or replacement now or in the very near future.

4. Not Evaluated: Due to conditions beyond our control, this item/area was not tested. Reasons may be due to: storage, weather, item not completely installed, utilities not turned on, pilot light not lit, or the item may fall outside the scope of the inspection, etc.

6. Not Present/Not Visible: Item was not present, not found or not visible at the time of the Inspection.