Seller’s Inspection

Why a Sellers Inspection?

When most people are ready to sell their home, they don't even consider a Sellers Inspection. They feel they know their home and will disclose anything that may be wrong. But do you? When was the last time you were in the attic? The crawl space? There may be things failing that you don't know about. When people are going to sell their house, they pay more attention to paint, carpet and presentation rather than the structure itself. This is whereMorgan Home Inspection LLC comes in! We will do a complete inspection from foundation to roof top and present you with a digital inspection, complete with photographs and recommendations for anything that may be failing or aging. Here are just a few reasons for a Sellers Inspection:

It will give you perspective about your home:  You can see exactly the condition of your home compared to the "competition" on the market and price your home accordingly to ensure a competitive price.

Your "Fix-it-list" is presented to you BEFORE you have negotiated a price: Time is on your side and any items you choose to fix, you have the time to gather estimates from several contractors. Many times this savings is a lot more than the cost of the inspection! You are setting the price for the repairs, not the buyer who will negotiating price with you....again!

Items that are repaired or replaced can be advertised as UPGRADES!

Reduced Seller Stress & Negotiations:  The Seller knows upfront what repairs are needed if any, and what those costs are. You can price the home correctly and not wonder AFTER negotiations have happened AND a contract is signed if an inspection will turn up anything. How much MORE will be negotiated off the price and most importantly, WILL THE DEAL FALL THRU?? A Sellers Inspection eliminates that worry!

An informed negotiating position:  By knowing exactly what your house is, you can price your home correctly and negotiate less because you know your home has a "Clean" Inspection.

Reduced Buyer stress: The Buyer knows they are buying a home in great condition. They feel CONFIDENT in making an offer on your home and will typically offer more because they don't have the doubt in their mind in regard to "What might be wrong?".

Your home will probably sell faster!   Statistics show that Pre-Inspected homes sell faster than homes that are not inspected before listing. Buying a home is usually the largest purchase people make. By having your home Inspected before you sell, you are giving a big dose of confidence to potential buyers and setting your home out ahead of the competition!

An inexpensive step toward SELLING your home:  The cost of a Home Inspection before you list your home is typically far less than one percent of the selling price of your home. The cost of the inspection is more than recovered by saving money on any needed repairs, shorter time on the market, and reduced carrying costs.